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wow, great work!
with such artistic skill, sound engineering and mastery of flash, you don't need to worry one bit about not becoming an animator my friend!
also, where did you get thos egreat cartoon sounds? I've been looking everywhere for sounds like those!

well, keep up the work, I'm always in the mood for funny cartoons!


wow, this was really great, what lacked in graphics was made up in humor. But personally, I thought the graphics were fine, it was quality stick figure animation, not crap stick figure animation. Also, it's long, making it even better and obvious that it took a lot of effort.
Good job GolemCC, I hope to see more from you soon.


damn, I have seen too many movies involving marijuana....
and it's making me want to smoke some very, very badly.
note to author:
make the movie longer and loop it (high people are lazy, they don't want to click again) and have all of the movie like the middle. Also, get a better song, such as "sunshine underground" by the chemical brothers, personally, I think it would fit the movie better. And get rid of the loud beep at the ending, if anyone heard that when high, it would ruin the mood.
besides that, this could be a great movie for high people, if you meet all of the conditions above.
but, who am I to tell you what to do? do whatever you want.

Oneeyecat responds:

Thanks, I am agreeing with you 100%. I think I will take your advise.

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make it bigger

It is very nice and helpful how the sounds are organized, but the soundboard is so tiny, I have to zoom in to read the text. Make this a lot bigger and it will be better.

very awesome, but needs work

ok, this game is really awesome, but it has some major flaws that can be easily corrected.
If Tom Fulp would just make it so that you can have continues after you completely die, I would play this game all of the time. Also, when you continue, you should start after the last boss you killed.
Tom, if you would do those simple things, this game would be a lot more popular.
This game is currently nearly impossible to beat, and people aren't liking or playing it as much as they would because of that reason.
So, Tom, please make continues, make checkpoints, and hey, if it's not too much trouble, make it so that you're able to save.
Doing that will make this game simply amazing.

too fast

You say that you make the ants move fast for realism, but in truth, no ant moves that fast. Ants are tiny, we are large, which is why we easily squash them etc., because it takes them a while to get out of our range of squashing.
But in this game, I'm pretty sure that the ants could outrun a fat man.
In brief: slow it down.

hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon.



a place

over there


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